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Oct 04

Jeff Geist – Astologer

Topic: Astrology 101 (Show 4) Libra, Scorpio and the Seventh and Eighth Houses

Keywords Justice, open warfare, sex, death, and other peoples money are governed by Libra and Scorpio and the sixth and seventh houses. Listen in for more with AG astrologer Jeff Geist.

Category: Astrology, Spiritual, New Age

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Show Overview

In this fourth astrology show, astrologer Jeff Geist talks about Libra, and the seventh zodiacal house, which is the house of partnership and marriage, but also of open warfare. The seventh house is the coming out house, the social house. As we move into Scorpio and the seventh house, we get deeper, we penetrate beneath, and get into the Scorpio place of sex, passion, death, and other peoples money. Listen in for details on our Libra friends and Scorpio lovers.

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