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Oct 13

Erika Weinstein

Topic: Dysfunctional Job Interviews

Keywords Your dream job interview quickly turns into a nightmare. How do you handle it? AG talks with CEO Headhunter Erika Weinstein about the most important thing you need to do before an interview, and how to handle weirdos in the interview room.

Category: Work, Business, Employment

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You finally made it through the corporate firewall and landed a dream job interview. You walk into the interview, and it is stranger than the twilight zone. He talks too much, she sits on the phone while you sit there like an idiot. Can you turn it around? These things happen, so be ready. There is no shortage of strange and dysfunctional companies and interviewers. How do you get through situations like this and remain confident and strong? Lisa shares the highlights of her favorite dysfunctional interview with CEO Headhunter Erika Weinstein of Stephen Bradford Search of New York and San Francisco, who gives advice and counsel, and tells AG the most important thing you should do before an interview. Do you know what that is?

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