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Oct 05

John Gonnella – Attorney Adventurer

Topic: Mongolian Adventure Stories - 3 of 3

Keywords Mongolia? Yes, Mongolia. This is no lightweight vacation. Listen to stories of a place far, far away, where time has truly stood still. This is the final of three Mongolian Adventure shows with attorney/adventurer John Gonnella.

Category: Travel and Adventure

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Show Overview

Mongolia. A place where horses are still ridden in the manner of Chingis Khan on the Gobi Desert, where camels roam free and transport equipment. Follow adventurers, John, Gerard and Dave, to their final destination, where they climb the sixteen thousand foot Malchin Peak in the Himalayan Mountain Range, where John experiences severe symptoms of altitude sickness. Listen to John describe their interaction with the primitive, nomadic kazak herdsmen as they traverse the Gobi Desert living, sleeping and eating with them in their manner and custom, learning their ways and philosophy of life.

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