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Oct 05

John Gonnella – Attorney Adventurer

Topic: The American Suicide Squad - Siberian Adventure 4 of 4

Keywords Meet TEKA, THE AMAZING RIVER GUIDE, and by now, you've learned why the Siberians called these guys THE AMERICAN SUICIDE SQUAD. This is the final of four shows on John's Siberian adventures.

Category: Travel and Adventure

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Show Overview

In this final of 4 shows on Siberia, meet the amazing TEKA THE RIVER GUIDE, and follow attorney John Gonnella and his fellow adventurers into the virgin territory of the Kamchatka Peninsula, the Land of “Fire and Ice” and listen to their encounters with the unknown challenges of the Class Five white water rapids of the never before rafted Storoj River. Experience the helicopter extraction from the dangerous clutches of the Storoj River. Climb the active volcano of Mt. Mutnovsky and share the experience of the physically draining, bone-tiring climb to its crater. You can almost smell the stench of sulfuric gas in the air coming from the volcano’s crater as John describes their climb.

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